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List of foods authorized or advised for a pregnant woman:

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All of these recommendations are given as an indication, they can not replace the advice of your doctor.
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  During pregnancy many questions arise in the minds of women and couples, questions regarding nutrition are part of what to eat pregnant? Indeed, certain foods consumed during pregnancy can cause illnesses that are harmful to the baby's good development. The two most common diseases are listeriosis and toxoplasmosis, but other pathologies can occur due to the ingestion of certain substances (alcohol, liver, methylmercury ...) The site provides access to a list of more than a thousand referenced foods, and is updated regularly. Thanks to a unique search bar where you just need to enter the desired food, the site is very easy to use, accessible by all. For each food, a simple symbol indicates whether the food is authorized, prohibited or "at risk". Simply click on the name of the food to know the risks involved as well as some tips for hygiene or preparation (such as cooking). A site quickly indispensable to accompany this important moment of life that is a pregnancy.
  This site is there primarily to help couples and pregnant women during pregnancy. All people are different, so some may be more sensitive to certain foods or even immunized against diseases (such as toxoplasmosis). The site is done with attention by a private individual and not a medical staff. This is why all these recommendations are given as an indication, and do not replace the advice of a doctor. Even if special attention is paid to the information on the site, errors can be found, for this the site can not be held responsible for any problems related to the use of the site or its application. Numerous conferences on nutrition are held in hospitals do not hesitate to get there!
Here are the categories present on the site Food Pregnancy: The ten most popular foods in 2018 were:
  1. Foie gras
  2. Smoked salmon
  3. Paté
  4. Banana
  5. Chicken
  6. Shrimp
  7. White Ham
  8. Sausage
  9. Chocolate
  10. Fried egg
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